About Beautiful Brain Health

Everything I do at Beautiful Brain Health is centered around you, the patient – because you hold the keys to shaping your health. With the right guidance and your active participation, we can take this journey together and create a lifetime of optimal health.

MY Core Values Of Care

Innovative Treatments

Did you know that it takes an average of 17 years for clinical breakthroughs to make their way into the standard of care? At Beautiful Brain Health, I am deeply committed to shortening that lag.

As a life-long learner, unencumbered by insurance restrictions, I am continuously upgrading my wisdom through sharing best practices and seeking innovative, out-of-the-box ideas. I answer to no one but you and am here to help you achieve your health goals.


Dedicated Attention

The Functional Medicine approach uses a set of comprehensive diagnostic tools and a unique root cause system approach, that your current provider mostly likely does not utilize because of insurance restrictions or lack of training.

Guided step-by-step you will embark on an integrative approach to your wellness, including a deep dive into your mind set and lifestyle choices. You will have the tools to create health in your body beyond what you may have previously believed to be possible. 


Root Cause Resolution

Unlike conventional  health care providers who are required to follow a plan of care dictated by insurance companies, I am always focused on root cause resolution.

I seek to explore solutions for your illness rather than simply covering up the symptoms by using medications or treatments that create dependence and potentially cause more issues with harmful side effects. The key is to rebalance your body so it can heal naturally and safely.

About Lora Solomon

You may not realize that fatigue, insomnia and anxiety can be the first signs of inflammation,  hormone imbalance, decreased blood flow, physical or emotional trauma, toxicity, or a nutritional deficiency impacting the brain.

If the root cause (or causes) of your concerns are not addressed, they will most likely worsen over time. To compound this problem, many of the medications that are used to treat brain symptoms actually create additional dysfunction in the body and brain.

When patients come to me with symptoms of imbalance I reach for more than my prescription pad. I have a system to dig deep and find the root cause (or causes)

I start by exploring your unique history, timeline of symptoms, possible triggers , mindset, and current lifestyle choices that can be addressed. I also use advanced testing that can identify genetic vulnerabilities, nutritional deficiencies, hormone imbalances and possible toxic burden. In addition, I have created a system of support to help you navigate the new choices you will be making as your health improves.

“In my semiannual 30-45 minute meetings with Lora Solomon…”

In my semiannual 30-45 minute meetings with Lora Solomon, I come away with more insightful, balanced and understandable information than I get from any other medical professional I’ve dealt with….and I’m 64 years old…I have a lot of experience with health care professionals!

T. Morton

“Aging presents many new challenges. In addition to helping me address solutions with hormones…”

Aging presents many new challenges. In addition to helping me address solutions with hormones, Lora has offered dietary and lifestyle changes that have improved my sleep, how I feel and look and most importantly, my view of myself. Lora’s wholistic approach, openness and knowledge are refreshing. Most of all, Lora makes me feel like she really cares about me and wants me to be healthy and feel good.

K. Andryc

“I’ve been a patient of Lora’s for almost 10 years.”

I’ve been a patient of Lora’s for nearly 10 years. Even after moving out of state, I still prefer to have Lora Solomon as my go to resource for all things medical, not just hormones. She’s knowledgeable, patient and a great listener. Highly recommend!

M. Holt

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